Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Romper Room

It is defiantly starting to warm up outside this week... and we love it!!!  So we wanna show you some of out super super cute rompers! They are great for your spring transition ... and we have 1 that is 25% off TODAY only! Check out some of our latest romper styles!

Rompers are great to get through Spring! Just add a great denim jacket or cardigan for cool spring nights!  Always flattering and work for your wardrobe all the way through summer!! Check them out at Southernswankboutique.com!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Cardigans

They are light weight, in a great variety of hues, and perfect for spring days!  We love Spring Cardigans! We have them in a multitude of colors!

A perfect pairing with white jeans a tank.  Beautiful with boyfriend jeans and a Tee.  Try it with dress pants for work.  Even perfect with shorts in the summer for cooler nights!  This is a must have, a classic!

Check out the new colors we have in our Hide & Go Chic Cardigan for Just $29.50!

This is the PERFECT transition piece... and honestly just plain great year around!! We have limited quantities... so grab them while you can! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Instagram Recap

We know that most of you all follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.  We are always posting new outfits, last calls, special coupons, and telling you about our fabulous Blog.  Well we just wanted to put together a few of our favorite Instagram moments in a collage to show you all the great styling tips & words of inspiration that are our personal favorites. 

Yesterday we caught Styling Fever… We just could not help ourselves!  We just kept putting together some of the greatest outfits with what we have in store!! Check out these New Insta Styles - 

Calm & Collected Cardigan (Sold Out), Barely Basic in Black: $27.50, All Eyes on Me Leggings: $15, 

Jewelry in Store Only

Jewelry In Store Only

Jewelry In Store Only

To keep up with our Latest Stylings & New Arrivals follow us on Instagram @southernswankboutique

Also, since we missed a few blogs… We have something special just for YOU!  Staring TODAY through March 14 @ 9am - You can get 10% off of an ENTIRE PURCHASE (including sale merchandise)!!!!  Just use CODE: BLOG to receive your discount!  Or if you mention the BLOG code in store you can also receive your 10% off!!  We have some great new stuff in right now, so don't miss out on the extra savings!!

Talk to you on Tuesday!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring Trend: Pastel Blazer

We LOVE blazers. Period.  No matter what season, color, or style... they are always flattering.  Oversized, classic, tuxedo, pastel, frilled, and the list goes on.  They do what a cardigan can, but with a little extra cinch and panache.  A blazer is a very stately and confident piece of clothing.  Not matter the woman or outfit, she will make a statement in any room.  Even if you are only wearing a graphic tee and leggings, throw on a blazer and you simply POP!

This spring Pastel Blazers seem to be hitting the runway, retail stores, and your closet in a fast way.  Well, we could not be happier! We love this trend!!! Not because it is so simple to use with such an amazing impact... but because it is so much fun to wear!

Perfect with a Romper or Dress... Just to add a little something extra.

Sweet as a Peach Blazer: $29.50, Mint Condition Romper: $49.50, Seahorse Necklace: $40,
Rectangular Pave Bracelet: $40, Bound & Determined Wedges in Taupe: $36

Great with your Winter or Spring Whites for a clean and polished look.

Sweet as a Peach Blazer: $29.50, White Camisole: $15, Clean Slate Skirt: $34, 
Tortoise Necklace: $40, Gold Cuff: $21, Rectangular Pave Bracelet: $40, 

And great with Spring Patterned leggings to take you from to a step up from casual.

Sweet as a Peach Blazer: $29.50, Black Camisole: $15, Gold Drip Enamel Necklace: $19,
Gold Cuff: $21, Rectangular Pave Bracelet: $40

We have been running slim on these lovely blazers (which just so happen to be a steal), but we have more coming in on Friday!  Also, those lovely denim jackets you were promised... Will be here today!!  Can't wait to see you in store or your order pop up online!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Inspiration Piece: Denim Jacket

Levi's released it's "Type 1" Denim Jacket, it's first, in 1936.  Clint Eastwood showed men how to bare their denim in the Westerns of the 1960's... And even though women were wearing them long before, Thelma and Louise showed women a thing or two about denim in 1991.  The iconic movie rocked the box office and the fashion world forever!  
Well... We decided to take this iconic wardrobe staple and play it up with some of our great new dresses & rompers to show you how perfect we can make it work!

Green Pendant Necklace: $36

Now, Please don't think that we are only advocating to wear this amazing jacket with just a dress... We LOVE it with everything down to t shirts or leggings.  There is nothing a denim jacket can't make its way through.  No matter, Preppy, Bohemian, or Punk Rock, a denim jacket always has a place in your closet!  We have a brand new shipment coming in tomorrow - They will only be $36.50! Keep watching us on Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest for our new Roadhouse Blues Denim Jacket to hit online!  We just wanted to give you guys a little sneak peak! Comment and tell us your favorite ways to wear a denim jacket! Talk to you on Thursday!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pinspired Outfits

Pinterest has proven it self as a great tool in the social media world.  It can be a marketing tool, an inspiration board, a recipe book, a wish list, and the possibilities go on and on.  So many people, including all the ladies here, sometimes use Pinterest as a point of inspiration, whether it is a craft, recipe, or outfit... so now that idea is forever "Pinspired!"  

We love looking at fashion on Pinterest!  We get to see what other people are doing with fashion, how they are wearing it, and get some awesome ideas about what we can bring to you!  We love having Pinspired Outfits.  Most of the time, when you see that great little outfit, every piece is so expensive... Well we are duplicating some of the most Pinspired Trends and Looks on a Budget!  Check it out...

Pinspired Outfit #1: Floral Kimono 

Left photo from styledomaine.com
Turquoise in Caicos Kimono: $29.50, White Tank: $15, Jeggings: $38, Bound & Determined in Taupe: $36, 
Liz Crossbody bag in Coral: $24, Gold Chain Link Bracelet: $24, Rectangular Pave Bracelet: $40

Pinspired Outfit #2: Pastel Blazer with Navy Striped Shirt

Left Photo had no ID
Gold Chain Link Bracelet: $24, Rectangular Pave Bracelet: $40

3. Pinspired Outfit #3: Fresh Mint Skirt with a Crisp White Top

Left Photo via Tarah Murray 
Charlotte Tote: $40, Gold Chain Link Bracelet: $24, Rectangular Pave Bracelet: $40, 

We have been getting in some great new merchandise for Spring... So we just wanted to style a few up for ya, just the way we like!  We know that you have been seeing these looks and trends done up with different details on Pinterest and everywhere else!  

Make sure that you are following us on Our Pinterest Page to see our new arrivals, what is inspiring us, and what is coming next!!!  Talk to you on Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Transition

I am sure that in every store that you are walking into that you are seeing Spring colors, patterns, and just overall bright merchandise all around you.  Most of you have expressed, and we feel it too, that it is a little bit crazy when there is still snow coming down.  We are all antsy for warmer weather and those cute spring pieces that are in every store.  Not to worry, you can definitely style those bright colors and vibrant patters in a way that you can start wearing them now, and then lose a layer or two and wear it when the sun starts shining a little bit more.  

So we put together a few outfits that use a great spring staples and make it presentable for NOW!

1.  The Iconic Ivory Skirt: Pairing this skirt with a cute coral top, would be a spring go to - but when you add a little army jacket to the mix, you can wear it now!

2.  Show Stopping Dress: So many cute dresses out, whether they are maxi, sun, or shift - You can pair them with a great cardigan, jacket, or even tights if need be for now.  You can totally wear that dress you have been staring at in your closet NOW!

3. Spring Blazer: We all love the structure of a great blazer and how flattering it can be.  We love it even more in beautiful colors that only show up in hotter weather!  There is a way to tone it down, just for the moment, until you can bring it right into spring.

So the moral to this transitional story is... You Can Wear It NOW!  We have all kinds of great new spring styles coming in and we know just how to style them for now and later!  So lets play dress up!  

On Thursday, We are gonna go a step farther and talk about taking a spring inspiration piece, and mixing it up a few different ways!!